Monday, November 24, 2008

He has arrived...Beckham Christian

Smiling after the epidural...anxiously awaiting his arrival.
He's here...Beckham Christian. Born November 20th @8:30pm.
I had gone to work Thursday morning having contractions thinking they would eventually subside. After 3 hours of contractions every 5 minutes i decided it was time to call the dr for an appointment. At the appointment the dr found me to be 4-5 cm dilated and "thinning". She admitted me to Methodist Hospital moments later. They were out of beds that morning in OB so we sat in triage for what seemed like hours having contractions every 5 minutes. We did not have any of our bags packed at home...thinking we still had 10 days until his actual due date so i sent Rob home to grab the camera, camcorder, and some things for the hospital stay. They finally had a bed open up around 2pm and by 3:30 i had recieved the epidural. Things progressed well after that and i was actually able to grab a cat nap while rob ran to grab supper in the cafateria. At 7:30 i was dilated to a 10 and pushed for an hour which is pretty good for first time mothers (thats what the nurses kept telling me). Smiling for the camera moments after delievery. Stats... Weight- 7lbs 15 ounces Length- 20 inches Our first family picture with baby beck's! Finally able to meet my little precious after 39 weeks... Daddy smiling with Beckham. Posing for the camera. He has been this content since the moment he was born. Check back daily for more pictures!

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molly said...

congrats rob and erin!! he is adorable- can't wait to hear more!