Monday, March 19, 2012

Belly shots, nursery complete, and bring on the spring weather!
It's my favorite time of the year!
It has been absolutely gorgeous out, and spring, it feels, is definitely here to stay. Tree buds are noticeable all around the neighborhood, and bright green flower shoots are popping up everywhere.
With tomorrow being the first day of Spring, this means Miss Wilson's arrival is right around the corner! We are officially ready for her arrival whenever she decides to come! Rob traveled to the UK last week for work, which made me nervous, but we made it. She decided to wait for daddy to be home for delivery! Beckham was 10 days early, which makes me think I will go early i will have to be induced a week late with her???
While Rob was in Europe last week, I was thankful for grandparents to help take care of B so i could still work! He loves his time with grandparents as he is always spoiled with toys and good eats! Thanks Julie, mom, and dad! It also occurred to me that I had not taken 1 belly shot with this pregnancy. SO...i took advantage of photographer grandma b for some shots...
BiG hugs for baby sister!
"baby seeping" I was in nesting mode last weekend and was very thankful to have my parents help! They helped me complete the nursery and do a few things around the house... make and hang pom/poms, hang curtains, hang mirror, hang pictures, hang oars in Beckhams room, hang curtains in living room, and put in window screens all throughout the house!
Here is the finished product! As Rob would say..."it's very PiNk"!
This is Bella's new bed... well at least till her sister arrives!
Pinterest motivated me to do some craft projects for the room!
I knew I wanted a mirror above the crib, so I headed out to the antique stores to find the perfect frame. This is the hideous frame I found! I knocked out the inside frame, got rid of the gorgeous picture/glass, painted the gold away, purchased mirror material, and then finished it off with the letter "a". We had picked out a name early that started with "A" and now we are still unsure of her this "A" might be changed to a different letter after her birth??? Girls names are hard, much harder then boys!
Here is the finished product!
My next pinterest idea, was pom/poms! I have seen these used for birthday parties, room decorations, weddings, etc. and thought they would work perfect above the rocking chair. They were super easy to make, but hanging them was a bit of a challenge! I also pinned to my pinterest board the cute white scalloped pom/poms! Love how they turned out!
and for some reason this last picture came in ginormous!
This is the other side of the nursery! So that is the nursery...very pink and girly! I didn't get a close up of the bedding, but it is very simple. It's white with pink scallop. ****** So now, we sit and wait for her arrival! For now, we will enjoy our family of 3 and spend as much time enjoying this weather! Off to play outside with B!

Monday, February 6, 2012

After a long break from blogging...
We are back!
We are going to fast forward to February...skipping the
Christmas pictures I neglected to post. Winter finally decided to arrive this past weekend. Grandma and grandpa Gervais came to help us paint the nursery and get it ready for Miss Wilson's arrival (April 15th).
We had perfect snow come down for Beckham to play in. This was actually his first real time playing in the snow with snow pants on.
Let's just say he LoVeD it!
We built this cute snowmen on our back patio. We borrowed dad's cyclone hat and grabbed wine corks for the eyes and mouth. We were just missing the branches for his arms as there are not any big trees in our housing development.
This little guy had a blast building a snowmen.
He woke up the next morning begging to go build another
We also chased each other in the snow...
and of course, helped daddy with shoveling.
The shoveling part made grandma b nervous. I think she was nervous i was going to put myself into labor.
All smiles!
We played out in the snow for well over an hour and lets just say it was a fight to get him to come inside. I had to
bribe him with hot chocolate. Nothing like having a warm
cup of hot chocolate after playing out in the snow. Grandma also had made homemade chicken noodle soup for us to enjoy after the boys got back from doing to BRR ride.
Yes, you read right...
Rob and grandpa rode 22 miles in a snowstorm. They pretty much couldn't see the entire ride as they had huge snowflakes flying in their eyes. Crazy men! We got a lot accomplished over the weekend, making me feel more ready for baby w's arrival. I am 31 weeks pregnant and starting to feel and look BiG! I hope to post pictures of the nursery very soon!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas decor/house tour...
We put up our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. We had a good time decorating while listening to Christmas music in the background. My little helper liked to put up ornaments, only breaking a few.
I love the smell of fresh trees, but every year I regret putting it up so early as it looks sad and dead when Christmas comes around.
Cheese! This did take much bribing with starburst and thomas.
Warning: lots of house pictures from here on down. Above pictures is obviously a kitchen shot. We love having a big kitchen to cook in and especially love the island giving us more prep room.
Thanks to pinterest, I decided to do this with our Christmas cards we get in the mail. I love getting mail this time of year and know how much time people put into family cards. I have always displayed them in some way, but thought this was a cute idea.
This was another pinterest idea...tree tips in wine corks.
Easy and cute!
This is one of my favorite parts to the house...I know...sad. I love the locker room right off the garage. I love that the coats
no longer hang on the back of table chairs. On the other side of the room is our laundry.
Here is a shot of our living room. We still need window treatments in this room. We aren't quite sure what to do with these 3 large windows. We have yet to hang anything on the walls, but am looking for some new art work.
View from front door as you walk in...
Our first tree in our yard. We decided we needed to buy one tree before we had snow on the ground. We bought a crab apple tree for the front yard. We are anxious for spring to get here so we can start doing some landscaping in the backyard.
Beckham had his first Christmas concert at daycare last Thursday.
The auditorium was packed and it was really hard to take any pictures.
They sang 4 songs and did a really good job. It was so cute to see him interact with his friends. We look forward to seeing many more concerts in the coming years. With Christmas just 6 days away, we still have lots to do. We are about half done with our shopping and I have yet to do any baking. This week will be busy finishing up shopping, wrapping gifts, and baking. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis' the season...
Last weekend we celebrated thanksgiving and your 3rd birthday party. Since we missed thanksgiving at great grandma Millie's, she saved a few ginger turkey's for you. If you remember from last year, that's all you ate...tons of cookies.You were spoiled with many gifts from grandparents. This was the first time you actually understood the concept of unwrapping gifts. You received many thomas gifts, including tidmouth sheds.
You have been wanting this part for your wooden trains for a long time!
We also went to pick out our "kissmas tree". You were so excited to
do so. We also picked up these small trees for our front doors. You
were adamant that we bring them in the house. Once we brought them in the house, you immediately started building your tracks around the trees. It was pretty cute!
We enjoyed our time with family at our new house. For once, we
actually had room for everyone! Our house is decorated for Christmas
as it is fast approaching. Now its time we start doing some shopping...yikes! Have a good weekend, the wilson's

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let the birthday celebrations begin... {p.s. sorry that the pictures are gigantic}
Three years ago, at 8:30pm you arrived into this world. You have brought so much excitement into our life. You are like a little sponge these days and repeat everything we say. You are talking in sentences and LoVe singing songs. You have turned into one picky eater in which we hope is just a phase. We are pretty convinced you could eat Cherrios for all meals, 7 days a week. You are still obsessed with Thomas. We build tracks, read thomas books, watch thomas videos, and talk about thomas non-stop.
Friday, daddy took the day off, so we celebrated your birthday for a bit. We took you to Barnes and Noble. You love that store because they have a thomas table with lots of trains. We let you pick out a new train for your birthday. You picked thomas with the battery operated jet engine.
We then went and had lunch at your favorite, Chick-fil-A. You ate your chicken and french fries next to your new thomas and jet engine. We will have a few small parties to celebrate next weekend while family is in town for thanksgiving. Happy 3rd birthday little guy...we love you!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our new home! October was a whirlwind, and November is half over. We are mostly settled minus an empty room or two. The decorating phase really hasn't started and I am debating on just waiting until the holidays to start. I will post pictures of the rest of the house soon!
We got to spend Halloween at our new house! For the 2nd year in a row, we couldn't get Beckham to wear his costume... I was a little bummed. Seeing all of the cute pictures of all the kids on facebook made me really wish he would have cooperated. Let's hope next year will be a success. Instead of costumes, we decorated pumpkins. Well, I shouldn't say "we" was all me. I spent 3 hours carving big bird and elmo. Those were B's picks for this year. I have to admit, they turned out pretty cute! Beckham really had no interest in carving...and NO interest in scooping the seeds out.
I have neglected to take any pictures lately, but did take a few last week as I was unpacking the coat closet. He loves to hang out in boxes. He gathers his "b" (blanket), pillow, and of course a little entertainment-
the ipad. I'm convinced he could hang out in boxes for much of the day if we let him.
Let's just say he was pretty bummed when I tore this box down. Baby w is going on 18 weeks and we find out the sex the Monday after Thanksgiving! Tonight, we asked Beckham where the baby was, and he lifted his shirt up and pointed to his belly.

Monday, October 24, 2011 read it right! This little guy is going to be a big brother in April! A lot has gone on since the last post...
We have been busy snapping pictures in front of pumpkins to make the card above. We attempted to first take pictures at the pumpkin patch, but were unsuccessful. You weren't very photogenic and happy that day. You were coming down with a cold and didn't feel the best. So when the pumpkin patch fails, why just take a trip to Earl May. "happy Thomas"...and you get cheesy smiles!
Thanks to grandma b for creating the cute card we were able to send friends and family. We also added our new address that has been deleted from the bottom of this card. read right, we have a new address. We have MoVeD!
With a big thanks to our parents, we closed and moved into our
new house on Friday. We still have lots of unpacking to do, but we are so excited just to have space again! We are staying busy every night unpacking, watering sod, and shopping online for furniture and window treatments.
Beckham has been a trooper through all of the moving! He has adjusted to the new house and loves running around in our yard while daddy waters the sod. He is sort of in heaven...there are "kakkas" (tractors) everywhere. They will be building new houses around us for quite awhile bringing constant entertainment for this little guy! Pictures of the new house to come soon! I still have some work to do before i am able to take pictures! So i best get back to work! Happy hump day!