Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis' the season...
Last weekend we celebrated thanksgiving and your 3rd birthday party. Since we missed thanksgiving at great grandma Millie's, she saved a few ginger turkey's for you. If you remember from last year, that's all you ate...tons of cookies.You were spoiled with many gifts from grandparents. This was the first time you actually understood the concept of unwrapping gifts. You received many thomas gifts, including tidmouth sheds.
You have been wanting this part for your wooden trains for a long time!
We also went to pick out our "kissmas tree". You were so excited to
do so. We also picked up these small trees for our front doors. You
were adamant that we bring them in the house. Once we brought them in the house, you immediately started building your tracks around the trees. It was pretty cute!
We enjoyed our time with family at our new house. For once, we
actually had room for everyone! Our house is decorated for Christmas
as it is fast approaching. Now its time we start doing some shopping...yikes! Have a good weekend, the wilson's

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