Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas decor/house tour...
We put up our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. We had a good time decorating while listening to Christmas music in the background. My little helper liked to put up ornaments, only breaking a few.
I love the smell of fresh trees, but every year I regret putting it up so early as it looks sad and dead when Christmas comes around.
Cheese! This did take much bribing with starburst and thomas.
Warning: lots of house pictures from here on down. Above pictures is obviously a kitchen shot. We love having a big kitchen to cook in and especially love the island giving us more prep room.
Thanks to pinterest, I decided to do this with our Christmas cards we get in the mail. I love getting mail this time of year and know how much time people put into family cards. I have always displayed them in some way, but thought this was a cute idea.
This was another pinterest idea...tree tips in wine corks.
Easy and cute!
This is one of my favorite parts to the house...I know...sad. I love the locker room right off the garage. I love that the coats
no longer hang on the back of table chairs. On the other side of the room is our laundry.
Here is a shot of our living room. We still need window treatments in this room. We aren't quite sure what to do with these 3 large windows. We have yet to hang anything on the walls, but am looking for some new art work.
View from front door as you walk in...
Our first tree in our yard. We decided we needed to buy one tree before we had snow on the ground. We bought a crab apple tree for the front yard. We are anxious for spring to get here so we can start doing some landscaping in the backyard.
Beckham had his first Christmas concert at daycare last Thursday.
The auditorium was packed and it was really hard to take any pictures.
They sang 4 songs and did a really good job. It was so cute to see him interact with his friends. We look forward to seeing many more concerts in the coming years. With Christmas just 6 days away, we still have lots to do. We are about half done with our shopping and I have yet to do any baking. This week will be busy finishing up shopping, wrapping gifts, and baking. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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