Monday, February 6, 2012

After a long break from blogging...
We are back!
We are going to fast forward to February...skipping the
Christmas pictures I neglected to post. Winter finally decided to arrive this past weekend. Grandma and grandpa Gervais came to help us paint the nursery and get it ready for Miss Wilson's arrival (April 15th).
We had perfect snow come down for Beckham to play in. This was actually his first real time playing in the snow with snow pants on.
Let's just say he LoVeD it!
We built this cute snowmen on our back patio. We borrowed dad's cyclone hat and grabbed wine corks for the eyes and mouth. We were just missing the branches for his arms as there are not any big trees in our housing development.
This little guy had a blast building a snowmen.
He woke up the next morning begging to go build another
We also chased each other in the snow...
and of course, helped daddy with shoveling.
The shoveling part made grandma b nervous. I think she was nervous i was going to put myself into labor.
All smiles!
We played out in the snow for well over an hour and lets just say it was a fight to get him to come inside. I had to
bribe him with hot chocolate. Nothing like having a warm
cup of hot chocolate after playing out in the snow. Grandma also had made homemade chicken noodle soup for us to enjoy after the boys got back from doing to BRR ride.
Yes, you read right...
Rob and grandpa rode 22 miles in a snowstorm. They pretty much couldn't see the entire ride as they had huge snowflakes flying in their eyes. Crazy men! We got a lot accomplished over the weekend, making me feel more ready for baby w's arrival. I am 31 weeks pregnant and starting to feel and look BiG! I hope to post pictures of the nursery very soon!

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