Monday, March 19, 2012

Belly shots, nursery complete, and bring on the spring weather!
It's my favorite time of the year!
It has been absolutely gorgeous out, and spring, it feels, is definitely here to stay. Tree buds are noticeable all around the neighborhood, and bright green flower shoots are popping up everywhere.
With tomorrow being the first day of Spring, this means Miss Wilson's arrival is right around the corner! We are officially ready for her arrival whenever she decides to come! Rob traveled to the UK last week for work, which made me nervous, but we made it. She decided to wait for daddy to be home for delivery! Beckham was 10 days early, which makes me think I will go early i will have to be induced a week late with her???
While Rob was in Europe last week, I was thankful for grandparents to help take care of B so i could still work! He loves his time with grandparents as he is always spoiled with toys and good eats! Thanks Julie, mom, and dad! It also occurred to me that I had not taken 1 belly shot with this pregnancy. SO...i took advantage of photographer grandma b for some shots...
BiG hugs for baby sister!
"baby seeping" I was in nesting mode last weekend and was very thankful to have my parents help! They helped me complete the nursery and do a few things around the house... make and hang pom/poms, hang curtains, hang mirror, hang pictures, hang oars in Beckhams room, hang curtains in living room, and put in window screens all throughout the house!
Here is the finished product! As Rob would say..."it's very PiNk"!
This is Bella's new bed... well at least till her sister arrives!
Pinterest motivated me to do some craft projects for the room!
I knew I wanted a mirror above the crib, so I headed out to the antique stores to find the perfect frame. This is the hideous frame I found! I knocked out the inside frame, got rid of the gorgeous picture/glass, painted the gold away, purchased mirror material, and then finished it off with the letter "a". We had picked out a name early that started with "A" and now we are still unsure of her this "A" might be changed to a different letter after her birth??? Girls names are hard, much harder then boys!
Here is the finished product!
My next pinterest idea, was pom/poms! I have seen these used for birthday parties, room decorations, weddings, etc. and thought they would work perfect above the rocking chair. They were super easy to make, but hanging them was a bit of a challenge! I also pinned to my pinterest board the cute white scalloped pom/poms! Love how they turned out!
and for some reason this last picture came in ginormous!
This is the other side of the nursery! So that is the nursery...very pink and girly! I didn't get a close up of the bedding, but it is very simple. It's white with pink scallop. ****** So now, we sit and wait for her arrival! For now, we will enjoy our family of 3 and spend as much time enjoying this weather! Off to play outside with B!

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