Monday, October 24, 2011 read it right! This little guy is going to be a big brother in April! A lot has gone on since the last post...
We have been busy snapping pictures in front of pumpkins to make the card above. We attempted to first take pictures at the pumpkin patch, but were unsuccessful. You weren't very photogenic and happy that day. You were coming down with a cold and didn't feel the best. So when the pumpkin patch fails, why just take a trip to Earl May. "happy Thomas"...and you get cheesy smiles!
Thanks to grandma b for creating the cute card we were able to send friends and family. We also added our new address that has been deleted from the bottom of this card. read right, we have a new address. We have MoVeD!
With a big thanks to our parents, we closed and moved into our
new house on Friday. We still have lots of unpacking to do, but we are so excited just to have space again! We are staying busy every night unpacking, watering sod, and shopping online for furniture and window treatments.
Beckham has been a trooper through all of the moving! He has adjusted to the new house and loves running around in our yard while daddy waters the sod. He is sort of in heaven...there are "kakkas" (tractors) everywhere. They will be building new houses around us for quite awhile bringing constant entertainment for this little guy! Pictures of the new house to come soon! I still have some work to do before i am able to take pictures! So i best get back to work! Happy hump day!

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