Thursday, January 1, 2009

i love my monkey slippers...

Tradition is the youngest goes first when opening gifts. This meant I went first, but obviously I needed mom and dad's assistance in opening as I am not quite able to. I am starting to find my hands and occasionally I will find my thumb or fist to suck, but opening gifts is impossible. Next year will be anther story...I will be tearing through gifts and walking everywhere. Of course both grandparents spoiled me this year with lots of gifts. As you can see i received these monkey slippers, lots of clothes, a carrying harness and a toy giraffe that makes noises.
This is one of my new outfits...grandma b gave me my first Burberry outfit. Great grandma Millie gave me this reindeer. As you can see I am not able to sit up very well so mom and dad had to prop me up with a pillow and the reindeer. I have also started to smile, but wasn't wanting to during this photo shoot.
Uncle Matthew smiled big for me
Dad, uncle Matthew, and I.
Traveling Christmas day to meet dad's family. Mom put me in this silly Santa hat again.
After a long day of traveling
Cute little reindeer
Matthew thought it would be funny to put Agassi in my bouncy seat. Doesn't he look thrilled?
Recently I have discovered my voice. I grunt a lot and have made a couple cooing's hard work making such small noises.

Until next time..

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