Monday, April 20, 2009

Enjoying this spring weather...

Bold This is how the walk began...

Once we started going you enjoyed it as long as the sun wasn't in your face.

of course...a shot of the toes waving to the camera relaxing...
loving the fingers
finding his toes

Mom and I enjoyed the nice weather last week and are looking forward to many more days to come. This weekend was a bit soggy, but the weather looks nice for this week. I am liking walks more and more and the purchase of the hat was key...keeping the sun out of my eyes.

My newest finding has been my high pitched squeal. Mom and dad can get me to giggle if they tickle me real hard. I am trying to sit up on my own more and more. One of these days I will be able to do it without the help of my bumbo.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying this spring weather...bye bye for now!

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brenda gervais said...

Hi Beckham,
Grandma could hear you "talking" (or squealing as mommy calls it) in the background when I was on the phone with Mommy...sounded like you had lots to talk about! Tell Mommy that Grandma sent a package and it should be there tomorrow or the next day. Grandma still laughs when she sees the pics of you admiring your new blue precious!
Hugs & kisses,
grandma b