Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the windy city for the first time

we took a trip to Chicago last weekend...
Grandma and grandpa travelled there with mom, dad, and myself. I did so well in the car and slept most of the time. It was definitely my longest road trip so far. We met up with Uncle Matthew and Megan.
My friends Adam and Jenna
and Jason and Cheri flew in for the weekend. Dad had several other friends that met up with us too.
Uncle Matthew and I
It was the Cubs/Twins weekend...and I come from one of those "house-divided" families. Mom and her family cheer for the twins and dad is a huge Cubs fan.
I had a hard time deciding which outfit to wear...
My friend Jenna sent me this outfit in the mail a couple weeks before the trip. She cheers for the MN and wanted me to support the twins while in Chicago. Thanks for the outfit Adam and Jenna!
So then dad went out and bought me this outfit...
While mom was in the shower dad went ahead a dressed me in my Cubs attire. He told mom when she got out of the shower that when we go to MN he can wear his Twins outfit. So dad won. He enjoyed taking these pictures of me that morning.
We had a great weekend. Mom, grandma b, and I went shopping while everybody else went to the game. The Twins won Friday and Saturday, but were unable to sweep the Cubs as they won on Sunday.

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