Thursday, November 19, 2009

1 year ago...
sweet Beckham was born.
Top 10 things we've learned this past year...
1. Life is a bit crazy at times
2. Sleeping through the night is like heaven on earth
3. I have been a milk machine for a year
4. Cheerios are a savior!
5. Showering before noon is overrated.
6. very thankful for grandparents
7. 8:00am is now sleeping in
8. bath time is guaranteed happy time
9. pick your battles
10. parenthood is amazing!
No...don't cry! You will make your mama cry! I am sad you turning 1.
My little baby is growing up so fast...
Happy birthday little one!


Brenda said...

Dear Beckham,
Happy 1st Birthday little one! It has been such a fun past year, watching you grow and learn new things each and every are such a little sweet heart! Tell Mama "THANK YOU" for this beautiful blog too!
Grandma & Grandpa Gervais

molly said...

happy birthday sweet becks!!! we have so enjoyed watching you grow- even though we aren't there often. we can't wait to see you again soon!

Julie Wilson said...

Happy birthday Beckham. We are so excited to come to celebrate your first birthday. Remebering a year ago,when your born. You were beautiful then and more so now.Like mama said do not cry. Love Gandpa ang Grandma Wilson