Sunday, November 1, 2009

What fun i had on this first halloween...
Pappa bear went out of town for the weekend so i was part of a "girls weekend".
I hung out with grandma b, auntie sandra, abby, and deb on Friday night.
Saturday was shopping day...that i could have done without.
Grandma bought me this beary cute costume as you can see. I am not sure you can tell in these pictures, but i am wearing black leggings. Momma bear bought these at baby gap...
in the girls sections. I must say my chunky legs look mighty good in tights ;)
I was invaded by the camera in this costume as you can see...
but had a beary fun first halloween.
Wait until pappa bear gets home to see that i was wearing girls leggings.
Thanks grandma b for coming this weekend and hanging out with us!

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molly said...

awwww, he looks adorable!! if any little boy bear can pull of girls leggings it's becks!!