Monday, February 22, 2010

15 months old...I can't believe it.
You are growing up so fast and learning new things each and everyday!
You are adapting to your new room at daycare...well sort of.
You still cry each and every time daddy drops you off, but Demi always writes on your report sheet that you were a happy boy and played well with your friends. She has also learned that food always makes you happy.
You are very curious and love playing with things other then your toys. This humidifier in your room always has your interest.
You are also a little book worm.
Now that you are getting "SO BIG" you think you can now start exploring up high.
You are very fascinated with this alarm clock/radio. We love turning the music on and watching you dance. You have such good rhythm.
and yes...
i still have an obsession with your 10 little toes.
I am sure some day i will stop taking pictures of these little piggies.
Probably the day that start smelling!

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