Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it all started here...
the obsession with actual Thomas trains'.
Every afternoon at 1 o'clock we cuddle on the couch and watch Thomas and Friends. It always seems to amaze me that you (a 16-month old) is able to sit and watch a 30 minute show. You point at the the trains and bounce up and down on my lap to the beat of the songs. I think you (like many other toddler boys) have really taken a liking to the show.
last week we went to the mall and went in to Barnes and Noble. I wanted to look at the kids books and this is what you found. You were in heaven. I am convinced you could have played with the train set for hours. I attempted to distract you 2 different times to leave the area and go find a few new books and both times you made your way right back to the train set. I then had to be "that mother". I had to pick you up and take the screaming kid out of the store.
After this I gave in and told the Easter bunny about your liking to trains.
The Easter bunny was very good to you! You finally had your own trains...all to yourself.
So life is good...we can now play all day with our trains.
You can even play with them on top of your head. Whatever makes you happy! Such concentration....
We now own 3 trains, Thomas magnetic book, Thomas ball, and a Thomas sticker book.
I am sure it's never ending...right Noah?
So again...
Life is Good!
We have discovered Thomas and Friends!


brenda gervais said...

LOVE, LOVE the picture of trains on our heads! Looking forward to Tuesday...
Grandma B

molly said...

yes- one can never have enough trains!!! lucky you- welcome to my world :)