Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{thanks to grandma b for the pictures}
When we left for Florida you had 3 thomas trains...
we came home to 15 more trains along with train tracks and Tidmouth Shed. By the looks...i think you were pretty spoiled while we were vacationing. You probably are hoping grandma b & j come more often to watch you. Grandma b&j are so good to us. We now gather around the coffee table and play with trains several waking hours of the day. ********************* We had a great getaway to Florida. We walked the broadway each morning right off the beach, relaxed in the sun, shopped, slept in, and ate out at some great restaurants. This was our view outside our condo.
We had a great time though it was good to get back to see Beckham. It looks as though he had a lot of fun while we were gone and chances are he didn't miss us a bit.

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