Monday, May 10, 2010

what a happy Mother's day it was.
This little guy had one busy day planning a wonderful Mother's Day for me.
I work every Sunday evening so I thought the celebration would be quite short, but to my surprise i was wrong. We grilled out for lunch and shortly afterwards he went down for a nap. When I arrived to work I checked my phone and noticed I had a facebook message from Beckham. It read...
Hi Mommy- It's BeckhamI just wanted to tell you that you are the best momma a little boy like me could ever wish for. I know sometimes I can be a handful but it is only because I have a hard time telling you and daddy exactly what I want. Someday soon, I will be able to speak as well as I can type :)I decided during nap that instead of spending money on a gift for you, I would rather donate it to the family from Ankeny that lost two of their babies in the horrible car accident from last week. I know how hard of a time their family must be having and I want to do what I can to help them out. I hope this is okay mommy.I cant wait to play with you this week!! I have so much fun when it is just you and I playing in the park. Have a good night at work. I love you momma!!

How sweet! I thought this was such a thoughtful idea from such a smart 18 month old ;) I showed everyone that I worked with this message and needless to made my Mother's day. If you haven't heard about this horrible accident her is a link:

Our thoughts go out to them during this tough, tough time in their lives.


After working 8 hours and thinking it was such a great day I then come home to another surprise. There is a Dyson vacuum sitting at the door with this card and coupon book from Beckham. So sweet and of course i just had to share. He has caught on to my OCD cleaning habits ;)

Thanks Beckham (and dad) for making this an unforgettable Mother's Day!

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