Friday, May 28, 2010

what we've been up to...
Last weekend we took at trip to West Liberty for a wedding. I would have to say that I looked mighty cute in my white oxford and cargo khaki pants. Mom did not take any pictures of us all dressed up to share with you...i guess she's been slacking. The picture below is of grandma and i walking around the farm. I really wish they still had their animals because that's my newest interest. I have an animal sticker book and i pretty much know all of my animals. We are working on their noises they make too.
Well look who found interest in my Thomas trains too? My furry sister...
We celebrated moms birthday on the 19th with this delicious cake. Dad picked out the same cake they had for their wedding...isn't he good?
Here is another picture of Bella...i guess she is sunbathing?
Mom and I continue to take morning walks down to the park.
and i continue to stay busy answering all of my phone calls throughout the day.
Tomorrow we are heading up to Minneapolis to watch the Twins plays. I can't wait to wear my Joe Mauer shirt to the game. I will have mom take pictures to share with you. Hope we can stay cool as its suppose to be 90 degrees...
Have a good weekend and check back soon for more pictures!

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