Monday, September 27, 2010

a day out with thomas the train...
Grandma b came down to join us for our big day out to visit "elba" (otherwise known as Thomas). We can't quite say our T's yet so that's what we call him in this day. As we drove into the Thomas the Train area we could see thomas about a block away. We rolled down the window and you yelled..."elba, elba, elba". Oh we we were so excited for you to meet him and get your pictures taken with him...this day was going to be so much fun!!
We started the morning under the first tent we came across which was playing with trains. They had tons of train tables lined up with kids all around each and everyone. You love playing on the real deal thomas tables.
Next we visited the tent with all of the souvenirs...any kids dream come true. You were definitely in overload not knowing what train you wanted next. Grandma bought you this toothbrush that sings thomas over and over and over. And of course we had to buy you a new train to add to our 30+ collection at home.
We couldn't we had to go meet Thomas and get our picture taken with him. The closer and closer we got the more afraid you were. The lip started quivering and then the tears started to form. You were scared of "elba". I'm not sure but I think it was his size that you didn't like. Sooo....this is the best picture we got in front in thomas.
Grandma b couldn't even talk you into going up to see thomas.
Next was the train ride...wondering how this was going to go?
At first you were a little scared, but after distracting you with the thomas cards grandma bought you the ride went well.
You even giggled a time or two.
Enjoying our ride down the track and back.
Look who else was there...sir topham hatt. But guess were scared of him too.
We finished the day with the petting zoo. All in all we had a great day out with thomas and friends.

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Julie Wilson said...

Great pictures!!!Grandma B,Mama And Beckham had so much fun!!Grand J