Wednesday, September 8, 2010

monkeying around... I love my new "key" (monkey) that mom bought for me. As you all know...i am not a very good shopper. I dislike the mall. Last time mom and I went shopping she told dad that she didn't care if she ever went to the mall with me again. Well, Friday evening we ran to the mall and mom promised me if i was a good boy she would buy me something fun. We went into gapkids, which is my least favorite store in the mall and came across this cute lil' monkey. I don't really have any stuffed animals so this is my first. Enjoy ALL of the pictures of my "key" and i snuggling in my stroller. More pictures to come from our labor day weekend.


Julie Wilson said...

Does this mean that Beckham is ok with shopping? Beautiful pictures of Beckham.

brenda gervais said...

So nice of you to share a stroller ride with monkey. Grandma can't seem to get the "oh I thhee him!" out of my head...still laughing everytime I think of it! We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with you this past weekend.
Grandma B