Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thomas, Thomas, and more Thomas...
Being couped up inside on these blustery winter days one has to be creative to pass time.
We play with trains, we watch Thomas the Train, we read Thomas books, we talk about how get the point. Well this wintry day, we started off playing with play-doh and before we knew it we were on the floor building bridges for our mini trains to go under. We did this over and over and over again. The concentration it took and the faces he made were priceless. Sometimes the tongue helps guide Thomas through the bridge.
"Oh I see him"
Hope you are all staying warm...back to Thomas we go!
This morning we go back to the ENT Dr to make sure the ear tubes are doing their job. We are hoping for no fluid and a passing hearing test!


Brenda said...

This post just made my day...LOVE the bridges!
Grandma B

Julie Wilson said...

Great News concerning the ears! Makes life much better. Love grandma j