Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A rain boot kind of day...
Well its hard to imagine that on Friday we went out for a walk and enjoyed the 40 degree weather. The sun was shining, the snow was melting and there were puddles of water making it necessary to break out our new Thomas boots. Today we sit here stuck inside after a blizzard hit here yesterday bringing us 8 more inches of snow and temperatures in the deep freeze. We are so ready for spring around here...and glad the groundhog didn't see his shadow. We hope he is right...peeeaaase (as Beckham would say)!
You see...there is a little story behind these Thomas shoes.
When we went home to grandma/grandpa's gervais' house for Christmas, I was upstairs doing my hair in the bathroom and Beckham was quiet in my bedroom. Quiet is never a good thing. He then came into the bathroom minutes later talking all Thomas. I wasn't quite sure what he was indicating until later that afternoon when i went up to my bedroom and discovered that he had found a Thomas box with these boots in them. They were a 2nd pair (that were too big) that grandma b was going to send back. He had found one of his Christmas gifts. Lets just say grandma b was was the one gift she couldn't wait to give him.
After receiving these cool Thomas boots, i thought for sure he would absolutely love them and wear them 24/7 taking them off only to sleep. Anything Thomas around here gets major attention. Well...much to my belief i was wrong. We tried several times in the weeks following Christmas to put them on his feet. He would throw a fit every time. I'm not sure if hes not use to the rubber, or if its that he doesn't like wearing Thomas on his feet??? Who knows?
Well Friday afternoon we finally convinced him to put on his Thomas boots so we could go outside and play. He wore them with a little fuss, but looked down several times at his feet to see that Thomas was still down there. We will now sit and wait until the temperature warms up to go play outside in our rain boots again. Hope you are all staying warm today!

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