Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Valentine's day...

Well mom is back to work now and I have been to 3 days of daycare now. Everything is going well and I am so interested in my new environment at daycare that I don't take good naps. I take about 4 cat naps throughout the day. By the time i get home I am exhausted and sleep most of the evenings.
I made a Vday card for mom and dad with my footprints yesterday. They painted our feet with red paint and stamped them on the card that read "i love you from my head to my toes".
Mom is still having dad take me to daycare and she still tears up when kissing me good-bye for the day. She is getting better with each time, but really misses me throughout the day.
Happy Valentine's day!


Brenda said...

Hi Cutie Pie,
Grandma was stalking your blog and I see mommy updated it today! When I saw you in your preppy yellow polo wearing that big smile it made grandma laugh out loud...too cute! I bet you had fun makin that card for mommy & daddy. See you next week!
grandma b

AbbyKay said...

Hey Lil Becks,

I enjoyed having lunch with you and your mom the other day. You're getting so BIG and you have such a handsome smile!!!

Remember what I tought you...it's go-twins-go not go-cubs-go....your dad has it so wrong 8O)

Until next time!