Monday, March 9, 2009

Its been a rough couple of weeks. First I caught the respiratory "bug" which then lead to an ear infection. I liked the bubble gum flavored Amoxicillin for about a day and then decided to fight it twice a day. I gagged on it towards the end. On day 8...I started to break out into the hives. Mom wasn't sure if it was something she had ate or if it was the antibiotic. After calling the dr we decided it was definitely the antibiotic and i could have these polk-a-dots off and on for the next couple of weeks. I am lathered up with hydrocortisone cream most of the time...good times. I am growing like a weed and love to sit up like a big boy with some assistance. I drool a lot and love blowing bubbles. I also enjoy chewing on my tongue or at least that's what it looks like to mom and dad. Daycare is going well. Last week they took us outside on the 70 degree day in the buggies. I enjoyed the outdoors...and fell asleep towards the end.


AbbyKay said...

Oh Lil Becks you have had a rough few weeks....poor thing. Happy to hear you were able to enjoy the warm day last week. I can't wait until your mom and I can take you to the pool this summer.

Get better soon!
Cousin Ab

brenda gervais said...

Hi Beckham,
So fun to see new pictures of you, makes my day when I visit your blog and find new pictures! Hope those naughty "polka dots" go away real soon!
grandma B

Tanya said...

Oh that picture of Beckham sitting up in his diaper with that goofy half-smile. He's adorable! Hope he feels better soon!

Tanya said...

Oh that picture of little Beckham in his diaper sitting up with that goofy half-smile. He's absolutely adorable! Hope he feels better soon!