Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday = fun day with daddy!

Dad and I hang out every Sunday while mom works 3-11. We have a blast together and he also enjoys taking pictures of me. Dad has had a difficult time putting me to bed, but decided to just lay me down in my crib awake (mom has never tried this) and eventually i fell asleep on my own. I did it! All by myself! Thanks for all of the Sunday you daddy!


brenda gervais said...

Tell Daddy thanks for the new know Grandma LOVES new pictures! It looks like you are making friends with your thumb in a couple of those that true??
Grandma B

AbbyKay said...

Hi Becks!

I had a great time shopping with you the other day. You were such a champ and sooo good. I think your mom was excited that you did'nt mind your carseat. Your getting so big and have such a cute smile!!

Lots of loves!
Cousin Ab

Kristin McKnight said...

hey baby becks!! You are growing up so much! Ryder would love for you to come over sometime and play.