Monday, November 16, 2009

Well now that the weather is getting colder I get to pull out another new
Grandma b bought this for me because it reminded her of a ski hat that uncle
Matthew wore years ago. You know...the cool hats the boys wear on the slopes?
I am now ready to hit the slopes with Matthew in Colorado ;)
Speaking of him...I am so happy that he is going to be able to come home for my
birthday party next weekend. Can you believe i will be turning 1 on Friday!
Now that I am a big boy...i finally get to face forward in the car. Kind of a big deal... Soooo....Saturday mom and grandma j went out and bought me this really nice comfortable seat! Its so much fun looking at mom/dad drive and see whats up front!
Saturday also included a trip to the ER for me. I woke up with a nose full so mom
wouldn't let me go tailgating with dad and grandpa. So instead i went shopping with
girls. I was kind of fussy i must admit so the shopping trip to des moines was quick.
Later that night i started wheezing which scared "nurse" mom.
The ER was not much fun...they did 2 nebulizers which i screamed the entire time
(7 minutes each to be exact). Terrible....
They then took me for a chest xray which showed possible pneumonia. After 2
hours in the ER they sent us home with an inhaler and antibiotic.
Today i am feeling much better!
Did i also mention that i am getting another toofer? Oh yes...good times here at the
Wilson house!
HaVe a GoOd MoNdAy!

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Brenda said...

You know uncle Matthew is going to be awfully jealous of that hat of yours! Hope you are feeling better!
Grandma B