Saturday, November 7, 2009

loving this 70 degree weather...
yesterday mom and i went for a walk...
you just never know how many nice days are left so we had to get out and enjoy.
of course mom wanted to take pictures...
soooo she sat me on the grass with these dry, poky, crunchy things I didn't like them at all and wanted nothing to do with them. I'm not fond of the grass so why would i enjoy these poky things?
I lasted about 5 minutes and then let her know how i really felt.
Someday mom...
someday i will like being outside in the grass and playing in the leaves.
maybe next fall when i can walk and then I don't have to sit and touch them?
have a good weekend-becks

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brenda gervais said...

You look mighty handsome in your scarf! You need to talk Mommy & Daddy into video taping you dancing to Thomas are a very good dancer!
Tight squeezes & hugs,
Grandma B