Friday, July 9, 2010

a day at the living history farms with grandma b...
Grandma b came to visit last week while daddy was in Iceland. Thanks again grandma for helping us out and staying home with me while mom went to work. It was a gorgeous week of sunshine so we decided to head out to see the animals.
I now know my farm animals and the sounds they make so this made the day extra fun.
I got to see real "moo's" up close.
"titty's" were probably my favorite part of the day.
These "titty's" were just 6 weeks old. They were a lot smaller then our "titty".
I even got to pick them up and hold them. My "titty" at home doesn't let me pick her up so i thought this was quite awesome. Can't you tell by the titty's face that he or she is enjoying it too?
We also saw chickens, horses (which i was scared of), sheep, and smelly pigs.
I forgot to mention that we got to ride behind a "kaka" (tractor) on the way to the farm.
What a fun day on the farm...thanks for joining us grandma b!

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brenda gervais said...

The kitties were grandma's favorite part of the farm too! I had a great time, thanks for having me down!
Grandma B