Friday, July 16, 2010

what do you dip your chicken mcnuggets in?
Occasionally... after out running errands or after the splash park we will drive through mcdonald's and pick up a happy meal. You can't ask for an easier meal then that..right? This little kiddo enjoys dunking his nuggets in carmel...the carmel that is suppose to be used for the apples. I look forward to this smile afterwards... a smile with gooey, sticky carmel rolling down the chin!
next time you have mcnuggets be sure and ask for carmel as your dipping sauce.
It fulfills the sweet and salty craving all in one ;)
Have a good weekend...we are off to Minneapolis for a family weekend!!

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Our Crazy Life! said...

Becks looks like a little boy in these pictures! That baby boy is gone. What a cutie!