Sunday, July 25, 2010

a good time was had by all in St. Paul/Minneapolis...
We enjoyed a family trip last weekend with grandma/grandpa G, Matthew, and Megan. We went to 2 Twins games and saw 2 wins! When we weren't at the stadium we enjoyed the wonderful 8,000 square feet home that grandma b found.
I loved running around in this house...
and as you can see from these pictures... i loved playing in the enormous sink. I pretty much love anything that has to do with water right now. *****************
Joe Mauer is also my new idol. Here i am practicing his pose...catching. Maybe someday i can be a twins catcher???
I found more water to play in...the bird bath. I even took a sample of it myself.
Thanks to grandma and grandpa for the great weekend. Thanks to uncle Matthew and Megan for the Twins tickets as these were our gifts for Christmas. We couldn't have seen 2 better games!

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Julie Wilson said...

Hi Beckham-Love that hair look,very cool. You and Mama&Dada had a great time. Granda&Granda G& Matthew&Megan found a great house for you to explore. Water is the fun? Tell Mama I love these pictures of your busy days. Love GrandmaJ.