Saturday, November 27, 2010

2nd birthday...
It's hard to believe 2 years has already flown by. The 2's bring tantrums along with such fun times at the same time. You are learning so many words and mimicking what we say and do all the time. You make me laugh a lot and I'm loving every minute of it. I think this helps balance out the temper tantrums that also are taking place when you don't get something you want. You are still in love with thomas trains...thanks grandma j for the trains.
You look so good in bows...
You also got 2 new pairs of shoes. You love trying to figure out how to tie and untie your shoes.
One of the only smiles we captured on camera. This has been hard as of lately...taking pictures of you looking at the camera AND smiling.
You are also into Nemo right now. Grandma b got you this book that you love. Its so cute to listen to you read Nemo.

It was a great party... and thanks to everyone for all of the great gifts!!

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