Monday, November 15, 2010

teeth brushing 101...
I'm not sure how one is suppose to get a toddler to brush his teeth? This is one of our challenges every morning. He usually lets me brush for about 1 second and then he's pulling the toothbrush out of my hands because he wants to do it. We are in this independence stage if you know what i mean. We try to make fun out of brushing teeth. We sit on the counter, get a couple cups of water to play in and get our Thomas toothbrush out.
When we are done...or when we think we have brushed at least half of his teeth because that's all that is allowed we then enjoy the Thomas song. Yes...his toothbrush plays the Thomas theme song.
Have a good week...we are missing daddy this week as he is out of the country on business.
He will be back home just in time to celebrate this little guys 2nd birthday party on Saturday.
We are going to do a Toy Story theme for the party. Check back next week for birthday pictures. We are just doing a small party this year as we don't have any room in our house. I think last year we packed 20 people in our house for his 1st birthday. We will be seeing a lot of family the following weekend for Thanksgiving. Hopefully next year we will have moved and can celebrate his birthday with all friends and family in our new house. Did we mention our house is for sale? We are VERY anxious to move!

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