Wednesday, March 9, 2011

just can't get enough popcorn...
Although you can't tell from the smiles in these pictures, my little B has been under the weather this week. He came down with a cough over the weekend that progressed into a fever for 3 days.
This illness brought no appetite and on Monday the only thing he wanted to eat was "popco". I was going to make him anything that sounded good to him as long as he would just eat. He loves to sit on the cupboard and watch the popcorn pop..."pop, pop, pop"
The fever finally broke tonight and he is acting like Beckham again. He is running laps around the table, smiling, and giggling again. After not eating much yesterday or today, he wanted "popco" for supper. So he got it, another batch of popcorn made.
We are so thankful for popcorn...
thankful that spring is almost here!


Julie Wilson said...

So very glad to see your beautiful smile.Glad you are running laps again.GrandmaJ

brenda gervais said...

Grandma is so glad to hear your fever has gotten better. I popped some popcorn yesterday and sat and nibbled on it as I watched our poor Cyclones...was wishing you were here to share it with!
Big Hugs,
Grandma B