Friday, March 25, 2011

just waiting for more warm weather...
Tuesday night its tornado sirens...
and today its 30+ degrees and snowing.
The grass here is turning green and we are dreaming of warmer weather, birds chirping, tulips blossoming, and outside play time!
Since the weather this week has left us inside we have enjoyed puzzles, Thomas, and some Thomas YouTube videos. Its still pretty much all about Thomas.
Here is the newest is automatic AND it comes with a controller. It goes forward and backwards and sings the Thomas songs and makes many more train noises. (Probably one of the most annoying toys i have ever bought, but he loves it!)
We are also in phase of everything going through the legs!
Another obsession of lately has been building "BIG houses" with big Lego's. He likes to watch us build and then minutes later he destroys. We do this just about everyday.
What good times we are having watching this little guy grow up into such a "boy".
Have a good weekend!

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