Wednesday, April 6, 2011

weekend getaway...
(P.S. this picture was taken at the museum where he was scared of the big tractors. No smiles to be had.)
Last weekend we went to grandma and grandpa Wilson's for a quick visit.
Since the weather was beautiful we decided to take a small road trip to Moline, Illinois to visit the John Deere museum.
As you recall Beckham loves "ka kas" (tractors).
"big ka kas up high"
The combine was a favorite.
I was thinking we wouldn't make it out of the store without buying this tractor.
I'm sure I would have caved and bought it if the price tag wouldn't have read $90.
The store had lots of tractors of all sizes and the tractor table was obviously the big hit!
Thanks grandma and grandpa for the fun lil' road trip.
We must get out and enjoy the weather this morning... happy hump day!

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Julie Wilson said...

Thank you for coming to WL making our weekend so special. The highlite moment was watching you point with joy and listening to your excited voice when you saw the riding toys "up high".You come visit any time! Love G&G Wilson