Monday, September 26, 2011

center grove orchard...
This past weekend we went to the apple orchard. We couldn't have picked a better day to go as far as the weather goes.
You enjoyed riding tractors again this year...
I'm thinking next year you will be big enough to reach the peddles. That's probably the reason the sign says for ages 4 and up. You are still just a little short for them.
After the tractors we went over to see the animals. The goats were a bit close to you and scared you...lots of tears. You had NO interest in feeding them so dad had to.
You LOVED the big slide. You went down with me, dad, and grandma j several times.
You tried to mow a little bit, but the sucker was heavy... unsuccessful.
Your favorite part of the orchard was the giant jumping pillow.
Dad jumped around with you like a kid and you giggled...
and giggled! Dad would jump pretty hard and make you go flying! Pretty entertaining to watch you two... We bought lots of goodies at the shop including delicious honeycrisp apples, an apple slushy, and apple spice doughnuts.

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