Monday, September 5, 2011

henry doorly zoo 2011...
Last weekend we enjoyed a little time away from home at the henry
doorly zoo in Omaha. Grandma and grandpa g met up with us Friday
morning. The weather was beautiful and we were arrived when the
gates opened so we avoided the crowds.
We spent 5 hours there and probably didn't get to see everything. The
zoo is enormous! Beckham had a great time, but it did take about a
half hour to warm up to the animals.
We started off near the giraffe's where you were a little unsure.
They were quite close with a fence separating, but you still were
It took a little of daddy's smooth talking to convince you that everything
was ok. We were able to watch them have breakfast...eating anything in
site...grass, leaves, tree bark, etc.
Of course we had to feed the "fishees" at the zoo.
We spent several quarters on the bridge...watching you throw
food down to the fish. These fish looked like they were fed well as
they are HUGE!
Another favorite for you was the "waterfalls".
You love water and any waterfalls we encounter.
Oh "hi" zebra...
It took some major bribing to get you to leave the water area.
We enjoyed all the animals...
including this cool guy in the desert! He poses so well.
We had a great time and were glad to have grandma and grandpa
join us. We stayed over night in a hotel and got to do a little
swimming too! It was a short little getaway, but well worth it! We
will definitely go back again!

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