Wednesday, August 24, 2011

state fair 2011
The weather was perfect the week of the state fair. Usually its 100
degrees and higher the 10 days of the fair. We enjoyed a beautiful
Saturday evening spending time with the animals and admiring all
of the "ka kas" (tractors).
The "duckees" were a hit...
along with the all of the different looking "ka koos"
We were kind of in love with this little guys hair-do.
We then went in the barn with all of the baby animals.
You loved the baby chicks...
and you were a little scared of the bigger animals (cows and pigs).
We spent close to an hour sitting on all the different tractors.
After the animals and tractors it was then time to take in the fair food!
Although we didn't go crazy this year, we of course had to share a
glass of fresh squeezed lemonade.
You liked...
This is a random picture...
you were a big helper taking the "hair" off the corn for supper!
We are off the Omaha Zoo this to follow!

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brenda gervais said...

Hi Beckham -
Nice pictures! That getting the "hair" off of the corn is hard work, isn't it?
Grandma B