Friday, August 12, 2011

enjoying our summer days...
The last few weeks we have taken several trips to the park. We
used to be able to just walk down the park, but now that we are in the
rental the Burley has come in handy. When we first bought the Burley
this spring i thought to myself...this will probably just sit in the garage
and collect dust much like my bike has the last several years.
I have proven myself wrong...we love our Burley bike rides!
You beg and beg
and beg
to go on "bike rides and go sweening"
Its about a 5-10 minute bike ride to the closest park with a swing,
but is well worth it. The problem is you nEvEr want to get off the
swing. You could swing for hours. It usually takes a little bribing
to get you off!
You are still obsessed with Thomas and have quite the collection
of tracks set up in our living room. This morning you were admiring
the catalog and picking out which track you want next. Tidmouth
shed is next on your told me about it all morning. At one
point you went and got your shoes on thinking we were just going
to run out and buy it...silly boy.
Yesterday at school, you had to say good-bye to one of your teachers,
She always told daddy every time he picked you up about how good of a
boy you were and how much she enjoyed taking care of you. She told
us that you and Harper are good friends and spend a lot of time playing
together. She said you nap next to each other and you always wake up before
her and just stare at her until she wakes. When we ask you about her at
home the only thing you say is, "harpa gone home". Harper does go home
before you and you must say that everyday at cute!
Here is a picture that was in the card that Adriana sent home.
It appears by your bedhead that this was taken after your nap.
We will miss Adriana!
Well its state fair time here in Iowa so we are hoping to head to
the fair in the coming days. Hopefully we will get some good
pictures to post!

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