Wednesday, July 27, 2011

birthday party, duckies, and fishies...
Last weekend we went to Charlie's 3rd birthday party. It was 115
degree heat index and most of the party was outside and involved
water...thankfully. You loved playing with all of the kids, but chickened
out on the water slide. You had more fun watching the other kids do it.
You loved the water table, pool, and of course the swing set. Cheese Beckham... well at least Jenna participated.
You gobbled up your pizza and even saved a bit of room for the
cake. You made friends with "odid eeya" (Olivia) and when it was
time to leave you waved and said, "good bye odid eeya". So cute!
I am now able to bribe you to the mall with the ducks and fishies.
You love feeding them bread.
You are just amazed by all of the fish they have in this pond.
We now never throw bread away at the house...
we are always saving up for the next trip to the mall to
go "see the ducks and fishees"

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