Saturday, July 16, 2011

Puzzles, trains, and moving...
Its has been a little crazy at the Wilson house the past few weeks.
We moved last weekend into our rental home. A big thanks to our
parents for all the help! We are living a simple life here at the rental.
Nothing on the walls and most of our belongings remain in boxes in
the garage. Our day and nights now consist of puzzles, swimming,
play-doh, thomas, and drives out to the house to see the progress.
We drove out to the house today and took some pictures. We
have walls on the main floor! It was fun to visualize where everything
will be. Beckham loves seeing all the tractors! We have driven out
so many times that every time we turn the car around to come
home he says, "all done".
This is what our floor looks like currently.
Lets just say I can't wait to have a "playroom" for all of these toys!
We are now living in a town home just a block away from our old
house, which made for an easy transition. Beckham adjusted well
to the new house and still remains in his crib until he discovers how
to get out if it.
So our life the next couple of months will be driving out to the house and seeing progress!

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