Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"playing in da wadda"
We enjoyed this beautiful summer day poolside. You love anything
that has to do with water. Splash park, waterfalls, pool time, baths,
watching "fishees in da wadda", or just playing in the sink in the
"wadda the flowas"
cheesy smile here!
The fun slide that you enjoy going down!
Now that summer is officially here we spend most of our time
outdoors. You love being outside playing in the water, playing
with chalk, riding your bike, or going to the park to go swinging.
You beg to go swinging every time we get in the car. We are also
driving out to the new house a couple times a week to watch our
new house go up. So far its a hole with the beginnings of the basement.
We are starting to pack up the house and plan on moving the next
2 weekends. Sheesh...we have accumulated a lot of stuff in the last
6 years. We will be moving into a rental town home just a couple blocks
away until the new house is done. We are hopingto by November!
So we are busy here at the Wilson house this summer!

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