Wednesday, June 8, 2011

let summer begin...
Today was a zoo day with mommy's work friends and their kids.
We got to play in "wadda", which felt nice on this 90 degree day.
We got to go on a train ride...sorta like Thomas.
I must admit, i was kinda scared when the train first started going.
After a few minutes i really enjoyed myself...watching all of the
animals. It was really fun neighing at the camels. Mom had to
explain to me that they weren't horses...they are kind of like horses, but
with a big hump in the middle of their back :)
I heart "fishees".
I even saw nemo in one of the fish tanks.
Sorry mom didn't take many pictures as it was too hot! Next
time we will pick a cooler day to go and take our time!
We enjoyed our time with momma's co-workers and will
have to meet again!
I really liked the splash park last summer, but this summer
I love it!
Now that I am a year older, I seem to be much braver!
I enjoy running as fast as I can threw the water and splashing
I really like the above fountain as the water goes away for
a while and then comes shooting back up!
The last few days have been 100 plus degrees...
and being in the water is a must.
I vote water over zoo on these hot days ;)
We are going to Minneapolis this weekend! I get to see
uncle Matthew and Megan...
and grandma and grandpa! We are going to take in a couple of Twins
games...hoping for 2 victories!
Till next...

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Julie Wilson said...

What fun! Zoo and dancing water! Enjoy your week-end and baseball games. Love Grandma Julie