Friday, May 27, 2011

it's been a while...
since the last posting, but we have been quite busy. Life has
been a little bit hectic the last few weeks.
So let's back up to Mother's day weekend. Mom had to work
Sunday evening, so we decided to go to big creek and have a
picnic and play at the park/beach. It was a little breezy that
day, but I had a blast playing in the sand with another girls
beach toys. I wasn't afraid to help myself to all of her toys.
I can't wait to go back soon. Of course, I had to write momma a card as seen above. I also went shopping and bought her some much needed work out clothes and an hour massage. Along with this towel I made at daycare. Its my hand print!
The next week dadda left for the Netherlands for a full week.
Both grandma's helped take care of me during this time...thanks
grandma's for all your help!
The weather was perfect so we decided to go feed the "ducks
on da wadda". We brought old bread and within minutes we
were surrounded by lots of ducks.
I had a hard time leaving the ducks...i had so much fun throwing
bread at them. I begged mom and grandma to go back the next
several days to "see the ducks on da wadda".
I have also been busy helping with momma with laundry. Do you
notice the nice scab on my elbow? I have been quite clumsy while
running around outside these days.
I have also been busy playing Dr Wilson.
I hope someday to be just like momma and wear one of these.
I had fun listening to my tummy rumble!
Oh and how could i forget...we SOLD our house. We have also
been busy signing paper work, home inspections, and picking out
our new home. We are building and hope to be in around my
birthday (November).
Have a good Memorial day weekend!

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brenda gervais said...

LOVE LOVE the pictures with Momma's stethoscope. I'm thinking grandma is going to have to "borrow" one of these pictures from your blog. They are so sweet.
Grandma B