Saturday, May 14, 2011

pella tulip days...
Grandma and grandpa came to town last weekend for the first
farmers market and the Pella tulip festival. We couldn't have asked
for better weather...sun and 80 degree weather! Thanks to
grandma b for taking these great pictures.
The tulips were beautiful... all of the colors and all were open so perfectly for the weekend. I didn't even know there was so many different types of tulips and colors.
We then came across the water fountain. Beckham loved, loved, loved
this part of the day. It was just starting to get a little warm and a
little dip in the fountain felt awesome!
We went through grandma's purse and threw all of her penny's in
the fountain making many wishes.
We probably played in the fountain for 30 minutes playing, splashing,
and making wishes.
Hopefully all those wishes come true!
For lunch we decided to order pizza and have a little picnic.
Beckham spotted this little puppy near by and went over to get
kisses. These pictures capture the moment so well.
Tulips, dutch letters, sunshine, water fountains, puppy love,
and family time ='s one great day!

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