Monday, May 9, 2011

underwear...round 1
After a bath last week, you started throwing a fit while I was trying
to put on your diaper. You were also trying to tell me something in
which I had no idea what you were saying. I thought to myself...maybe
he's telling me he wants underwear on instead? Maybe he's ready to be
a big boy and wear big boy underwear?
So we went to the dresser and I showed you the Thomas underwear. You gave me a little giggle and wanted to put them on right away. You are going through a HuGe independence stage right now, so of course you wanted to try and put them on yOuRsElF. So I let you. After the first pair were on apparently you thought the 2nd pair were going to be used as a shirt? You were SO proud of yourself in your big boy pants.
You smiled and posed for the camera so nicely...which is a rare
occurrence anymore.
I of course had to show your cute little butt off!
Well the underwear didn't last long. After playing for 10 minutes in your
room you were ready to go downstairs. I was a little nervous about the whole
underwear thing and when we got down to the bottom of the stairs I asked you
if you had to go potty? At that moment you did...pee started rolling down the leg
and on to my carpet :(
Well we gave it a try and you aren't quite ready.
Some other day.

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brenda gervais said...

such a cute little, so sweet!
Grandma B