Saturday, April 30, 2011

hard boiled or blown out eggs? We are so thankful that we opted for the hard boiled option.
This was our first year dying Easter eggs. We weren't sure how it was going
to go over, but he loved it. The first egg he picked up to dye he
dropped from about a foot up in the air and splashed dye everywhere.
That was when we decided it was time to take the clothes off and clear
the area. I'm pretty sure he thought they were balls we were dying.
They went from pretty to ugly... and what a mess we had by the end. He enjoyed mixing colors up... and admiring them. We of course had to place them on the tray when we were finished. Aren't they pretty?
We had dye everywhere by the end...
hands, under the nails, chest, belly, and legs.
Next was the Easter egg hunt.
The Easter bunny came while he was down for his nap.
He did well finding all eggs.
Maybe next year the bunny will have to try and hide them harder.
We also made fun Easter cookies while b was napping.
They turned out really cute and Beckham of coursed loved them!
Finished product!

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